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Shop At Home Carpets will do everything we can to ensure your upcoming flooring work is completed with the quality and service you deserve. The following information is provided to assist you in helping us meet all your expectations.



Please provide us with at least one week notice of your desired installation date. With a week's notice, we can generally schedule you within a day or so of a desired date. We cannot ensure requested installation dates with short notice. However, we will try our best to meet all of your needs.


Furniture Removal

We request that you remove everything you can. It is especially important that you move all precious and delicate items. Generally we charge a small fee for appliance and furniture removal. Freezers must be emptied before moving. We cannot disconnect/reconnect gas lines to ovens or heaters.


Walls & Painting

We will be as careful as possible not to scratch your interior walls with the carpet or vinyl. Carpet comes in 12 foot, 13 foot 6 inches, and 15 foot widths. Vinyl comes in 6 foot and 12 foot widths. Additionally, carpet and vinyl backing is extremely abrasive and the slightest bump may scratch certain paints. These characteristics make it extremely easy to scratch a wall during the unrolling of the material. Minor paint touch-up may be required. We request the customer handle minor touch-ups.


Room Measurements

We highly recommend that one of our salespeople or installers measure and inspect all areas prior to the installation and before special orders. This ensures that we have correct measurements and know the condition of the current floor. If you prefer we go by your measurements, there may be an additional charge if actual sizes and conditions are different than the information we were provided. Please note that we do not charge to measure or for estimates


Job Cancellation/Restocking Fees

Normally you may cancel your job prior to us starting work at no charge. However, cancellations that occur after goods are delivered or after roll goods are cut will result in a 25% charge on these materials. This charge is partially to cover our already incurred costs.


Vinyl Work

We strongly recommend putting down quarter-round on all vinyl work. It is mandatory on perimeter-installed vinyl. Perimeter-installed vinyl may behave differently than you expect. You might see bubbles in the vinyl after installation. These bubbles are normal and disappear within a week.


Winter Work

It is best to have permanent heat or other 24-hour climate control prior to installation of both carpet and vinyl. In cold weather, vinyl becomes very brittle. Perimeter-installed vinyl is more likely to have problems with bubbles and the carpet is more difficult to stretch. Most vinyl and carpet  manufacturers recommend a minimum of 65 degrees F before installation and a minimum temperature of 55 degrees F following installation.


Miscellaneous Work

Miscellaneous work such as cutting of doors, etc. is handled best by the customer. Although we do some floor repairs, restrictions may apply. Repairs will depend on the floor's condition. It is best to discuss your concerns with an installer before installation.

Pre-Delivery Instructions

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